Spring is my favourite time of year. I am an obsessive tree-watcher and get over-excited when I see little green buds appearing on the dead winter twigs.

Every day I’ve been cycling past this massive cherry tree in someone’s front garden in Hackney.

Cherry Tree

It’s so huge and amazing!

Cherry tree blossoms

The blossoms remind me of clumps of soapy bubbles.

Cherry tree blossoms

The green/yellow shade of trees in spring is my favourite colour. Haven’t quite captured it below but you know what I mean.

Spring trees

Everyone needs to stop panic-buying petrol and queueing in airports. Stay at home this Easter and gaze at trees, it will be much less stressful. Okay it’s been snowing, but the clocks have gone forward, the trees are green, spring is here and that’s reason to be cheerful.


Sunshine in Bournemouth

Last weekend, it really felt like spring had begun early. I was in Bournemouth and there were people on the beach wearing shorts and t-shirts (very foolish people, but there none the less).

I also saw the first crocuses of the year, which is always worth recording. Almost as note-worthy as the first day you can leave the house without a coat on.

Bournemouth balloon

Water tower in Bournemouth

Take-away on the beach

Westover rowing club

Bournemouth pier

Bournemouth carousel

First crocuses I've seen this year

p.s. have you seen Handmade Jane’s post about our book-making adventure with John-Paul Flintoff? Check it out here! I have my own post planned as soon as I get round to finishing off my little book…