Bloomsbury wanders

I think Bloomsbury must be the best place in London for wandering. I was there last week for a quiet amble around.

There are so many good places to people-watch in the area between King’s Cross and the British Museum – Russell Square, the new St Pancras station, the British Library. Not to mention the magnificent¬†London Review Cake Shop, where I went in for a cup of tea and some eavesdropping (two incredibly posh music students systematically slagging off everyone in their department, it was riveting).

Tiled floor

pink windowsill flowers



Yellow/orange berriesThis is definitely my new favourite colour

There’s something interesting around every corner. Do you have anywhere favourite for people-watching? I have to admit it’s my favourite thing to do ¬†(second to sitting on buses listening in to other people’s conversations – I am incurably nosey)