Put a bird on it

I’m totally obsessed with birds at the moment. Or more specifically, tropical birds. They’re just so colourful and bright and hilarious-looking, like a big joke that nature is playing on us.

Photo from National Geographic

I can’t get my own parrot or macaw (they’re really a big commitment) so I have to make do with a Pinterest board instead. See how technology can improve our lives.

Now, when it comes to fabric, I am fussy about bird prints. I’m not really into small, boring repeats. Neither do I want to see owls, swallows, or generic bird silhouettes. I want massive tropical birds and I want them now! Like this one:

Parrot print dress

This dress may be silly in many ways but I love the 60s silhouette, and of course, the giant parrot.

For something a bit more jaw-dropping, what about this Alexander McQueen  dress from 2003?

I love the way this hangs between being both an over-the-top carnival costume, and the most beautiful evening dress in the world.

I already have this gold, mirrored parakeet necklace by Tatty Devine:

Tatty Devine gold parakeet
Tatty Devine gold parakeet

The shape reminds me of the giant condor that’s been etched into the Peruvian desert, one of the Nazca lines.   Nobody knows why the lines are there.

And finally, what about this Peter Jensen dress? I am not a peplum fan, to be honest, but the parrot print is nice.

Peter Jensen Parrot Dress from SS12

All of this lovely parrot print fabric doesn’t seem to be trickling down to London fabric shops, unfortunately (although Peter Jensen’s studio is actually in Dalston – maybe I should hang around outside and check the bins).

All I could find was some Liberty print fabric called Pauly Parrot, which is too small and tasteful for me. I did also track down this macaw print vintage fabric on Ebay:

Vintage Macaw Print Fabric by DaisygatorHome on Etsy

I’m very tempted to be honest.

Do you have any unusual fabric obsessions?


Friday links: Happy animal time

I’ve had a slightly sub-standard week, what with coming back from holiday and worrying about unemployment, but it’s hard to be too miserable on a Friday when the sun is shining and the temperature is a freakish 29 degrees. For some reason summer has decided to make an extremely late appearance, making the whole country happier in the manner of this genius Boots ad.

So if you’ve had a less than ideal week too, here are a few things that have cheered me up, all animal related for some strange reason.

Giant yellow rabbit

Hope you all have a good weekend! I have some actual sewing content coming up for tomorrow (probably).