Norwegian mountains and autumn

Well hello there! What did you do on your summer holidays? I’ve just got back from mine, in Edinburgh and Norway. Unsurprisingly I didn’t return with a suntan, but I did manage to consume many cinnamon buns, climb up two mountains, and finally read the whole of Wolf Hall (SO GOOD).

First things first, I want to show you this photo, because what’s the use of having a blog if not to boast about minor life achievements?

This is me and some friends jumping in the air for joy on top of Trolltunga in Norway. I’m second from left, doing a tiny little hop. I was terrified. The worst bit is waiting for your turn to go on (yes there’s a queue – apparently some people do this kind of thing for fun). You can see people sit, peer over, and in one case do a handstand on the edge of this jutting rock. I wouldn’t describe myself as afraid of heights normally but bloody hell, it was scary. Plus, you have to do a 5 hour hike up a really steep mountain to get there.

But I’m so proud of myself for doing it! I’m the least outdoors-y person in the world but I actually enjoyed the experience, everything from wearing horrible walking shoes, camping on top of a freezing cold mountain, eating cold potato bread for breakfast and then doing a four hour hike to get down. Although I have to admit the best bit was reaching the bottom just as the sun came out.

Getting to see views like these is also pretty good.

Norway is amazing, if you get the chance to go then you must. Norwegians do have some strange dietary habits that I never knew about. I think all I have to say here is ‘bolognaise pizza’. They are also obsessed with hot dogs (Pølse). You can buy them anywhere, most notably in every single garage and service station on the road.

My number 1 tip: if you’re going to Norway, buy waterproof shoes. You will not regret it. We did see some sunshine though, as well as more fjords, rocks, and waterfalls than you could shake a stick at.

Lindesnes lighthouse
Lichen on granite.
Flowers in Stavanger Old Town
Large Norwegian family in Stavanger Cathedral
I love these fishscale roof tiles, they were everywhere
Sunset on the last day

So now September is nearly here and I’ve got that horrible back-to-school feeling, like I should be buying pencils and a shiny new pair of Kickers and frantically finishing off summer maths homework. I guess it’s time to start planning autumn and winter sewing.

I’ve already made a lined skirt in anticipation of tights season beginning. In an unusual display of forward planning, I even bought a new coat in July, a vintage handmade one that I’m going to post about here because it’s beautiful. But I still feel resentful that we have to let go of the summer that never really happened.

This is probably my least favourite time of year but I’m trying to be more positive. Any tips? Do you look forward to autumn?