The Olympic Tingle and links update

Hello! How are you? Have you got the Olympic Tingle? I totally do! Despite the horrible logo, the baffling mascots, the dodgy security, and the obnoxious corporate sponsorship, it turns out that the actual sports bit is like, amazing. I don’t know if it’s because everything’s happening just down the road, or because the athletes are so super-human and endearing at the same time, but I’m glued to the telly.

Also, because of the prolonged scaremongering from TFL about how it would be best to stock up on tinned soup and lock yourself in a secure bunker for the duration, everyone in London has scarpered. So it’s incredibly quiet. You can walk down Oxford Street on a Saturday and not see a single person (I only exaggerate slightly).

I’m also loving the Olympic nail art, on a more frivolous level. Apparently there’s a free spa and beauty salon in the athlete’s village, which has resulted in things like this:

And this:

So anyway, in between working and watching every esoteric event from archery to synchronised swimming, I haven’t had any time to update this blog. But I have been reading absolutely tons of new blogs, so I’ve revamped my lovely links list which you can see there on the right. All of them have my personal endorsement, a seal of approval which is right up there with an Olympic gold medal (a fake one from a pound shop, on a polyester ribbon).

Here are three blogs you should check out:

Hello Tailor –  V amusing mixture of commentary on high fashion and costume analysis of superhero movies

Unified Space – really knowledgable about colour. I loved this post about dyslexia and pattern vs. plain

Get Some Vintage-A-Peel – tons of amazing and obscure vintage images, with a focus on the 60s and 70s

I’m always ready to add more to my Google Reader, so I’d love to know if you have any good blog recommendations!