Me-Made-May 2013: The Final Countdown

Here we go! The last instalment, plus my thoughts on the whole Me-Made-May experiment. Hope this hasn’t been too boring for you.

The photos from the last week are truly dreadful, I apologise for that. On the plus side, my ability to take one-handed iPhone pics has improved 150%.


26th: Didn’t manage to get a picture of this day, even though I met up with fellow sewing ladies Shivani and Rachel for some Liberty fabric fun in Shaukut! I wore my Moss skirt, floral top, and trusty cardigan. You can see I haven’t missed my calling as an outfit visual merchandiser.

27th: Me-made jeans, unblogged top from Burda kimono pattern, and sparkly cardigan (again).

28th: It doesn’t seem right that I was wearing a wool skirt, a long-sleeved striped top, a knitted shawl and thermal tights in late May. That’s the Great British Summer for you.


Last three days, eek!

Day 29: black and white McCalls dress, Uniqlo jumper, new favourite Tatty Devine necklace.

Day 20: Me-made jeans, still unblogged Maudella vintage shirt which I really need to talk about, and Uniqlo cardigan.

Day 30: Stripey Burda kimono sleeve top, Maudella skirt, big knitted shawl again.


IT’S FINISHED!!! OMG, I can’t believe I actually did the whole thing this time around.

The worst part was taking a photo every day, but it’s also been the most useful bit. It’s given me a great overview of what I actually wear, and what I think looks good on me (and what doesn’t).

I’d like to have had more time to engage with the community on Flickr. It was massive this year. I really enjoyed seeing the outfits of Handmade By Carolyn (sewing goddess), Crab and Bee (I love everything she wears), mchigu (her romper is AMAZING), creating in the gap (wish I had 10% of her elegance) Kathryn Mhairi (gorgeous colourful separates), and KB Field (queen of the collar) amongst others!

The best part was thinking about what I was going to put on each morning and coming up with combinations I’d never normally wear. I discovered I really like colourful accessories – necklaces and socks and cardigans – so I’m going to look out for more of those.

I’d gone off my home-made jeans a bit before May, but I wore them to death during the month, and you know what, they’re great. Sure, the fit is wonky, and the finish is worse, but I’m still proud of them.

Wow, I’ve really sewed a lot in the last year. I didn’t realise how many Burda patterns I’d made and how many everyday ‘cake’ items I have now. Blogging everything I make has really upped the quantity and quality of my sewing. I managed to stick to my pledge of wearing mostly me-made-items, apart from knitwear/jumpers/blazers.

HUGE HUGE THANKS go out to Zoe for organising this event. It’s such a simple, brilliant concept. Can’t wait to see how big it gets next year!

Here’s my whole month in review:

MMM collage


Me-Made-May 13: Days 18 to 25

Oh dear, I am running a bit behind on these posts. Here’s a big catch-up from the 18th-25th. I have got quite slack at taking photos so you may notice that the quality’s slipped a bit (not that it had far to fall in the first place…)

Here goes!


Day 18: You’ve already seen this dress. Here’s a classic pub toilet self-portrait. You can see the extra ease in the upper chest here, I need to adjust that when I can be bothered.

Day 19: Here’s my jeans, my stripey Burda top, and my Whistles blazer. This blazer was the best buy I’ve ever made, I got it in the sale for £45 and it’s helping me to wean myself off cardigans. It’s made of knitted fabric and is super-comfy, so it functions as a kind of methadone for my cardigan addiction.


Day 20: First outfit repeat, and looking rather gormless. I decided to wear this stripey dress again. Hectic day running round Edinburgh trying to sort out everything for our wedding (next time we go up is for the actual day!).

Day 21: Cardigan repeat. Burda jeans, knitted cowl, and Burda giraffe shirt. I haven’t worn this shirt much as I really should have done a narrow shoulder adjustment, but it’s actually pretty cute even with the fitting issues.


Day 22: OMG – I’m not wearing my brogues! Not sure what happened there. I shrank this skirt in the wash so it doesn’t fit as well any more, boo. Leopard print Burda top.

Day 23: Ah, the brogues are back and order is restored. This is the lift at my work, and not the most beautiful of photo backdrops. I’m wearing my Moss skirt, a Burda shirt I made pre-blog, and a Uniqlo jumper.


Day 24: This skirt looks better with bare legs, but that would be madness in the current climate, so tights it is. My feet look enormous in this picture.

Day 25: This was actually the evening of Day 24, but I think I wore these jeans the next day too. The days are all blurring into one. This jumper belonged to my boyfriend and had major elbow holes – I took it in using my overlocker and added elbow patches using boiled wool from an old cardigan I accidentally felted.

Stay tuned for the final exciting Me-Made-May instalment at the end of this week!

Me-Made-May-13 – weekly round-up

So I’ve decided to do my MMM round-up today instead of Sunday. I’m just a rebel who won’t play by the rules (the made-up rules I imposed on myself).

Oh okay, the real reason is that I just sewed a fancy new dress to wear to a wedding tomorrow, and I think it deserves a post of its own.

So here’s the last 5 days. They aren’t particularly inspiring so I’ve made a handy collage instead of individual pics.

Day 13 - 17

From top to bottom, left to right we have:

Day 13: Moss skirt, unblogged Maudella shirt, baggy Gap sweatshirt, awful photo. I have cropped my face for your own protection.

Day 14: Birthday dress, Uniqlo jumper, sparkly heart brooch from Tatty Devine.

Day 15: McCalls dress, cardigan from COS.

Day 16: McCalls skirt, unblogged kimono sleeve top, thrifted red cardigan.

Day 17: Burda jeans, Burda leopard print top, cardigan from COS (again), knitted cowl.

I’m getting slightly better at taking my own photo in the mirror, mainly because the alternative involves getting up early enough for my boyfriend to take a picture before he leaves for work. And extra sleep normally wins out.

Here’s a baffling question that Me-Made-May has made me ponder:

I love wearing colour. I really like pinning pictures of other people wearing colour. I gravitate to colourful fabrics in fabric shops.

So WHY ON EARTH do I sew so many black, navy, white, grey, and beige clothes? Is there a deep psychological issue here I need to address? Answers on the back of a postcard, please.

Me-Made-May-13 Week 2: featuring sunshine, rain, and a Lego robot

Another week of Me-Made-May! I’m finding this much easier than last year. If only the weather would behave itself.

Day 6 and Day 7

Day 6 – Bank holiday! Oh yeah! I’d just finished this skirt when this picture was taken, and I totally love it. Will blog about it later this week. Rest of my outfit is shop-bought.

Day 7 – Still sunny enough to wear sandals! Hooray! Me-made jeans and a very old, pre-blog shirt made from the first Built By Wendy book. It has an extremely wonky, self-drafted Peter Pan collar and doesn’t see much wear.

Day 8, 9,10

Day 8 – Went to work and ballet class. There was a teacher substitution and it turned into a ridiculously hard aerobics session. That’s why I’m propping myself up on the railing. Me-made jeans again, my double-collar shirt, and a jumper from Uniqlo. These jeans are extremely comfortable.

Day 9 – Off to see Star Trek: Into Darkness and eat a big cheeseburger at Byron. Wearing my brown jeans, my white shirt, and brogues from Clarks. Jacket is from Whistles, I got it on Ebay and it’s amazing for this weird spring weather.

Day 10 – You’ve already seen this. MMM has made me re-evaluate this dress. I really love it now! That’s what I like about this challenge. Still in intense muscle pain from ballet class. I am bravely soldiering on.

Day 11, 12

Day 11 – I met C-3P0 on a trip to John Lewis. He wasn’t very chatty. I am wearing my Beignet skirt, an unblogged kimono sleeve top, and a jacket from the Whistles sale. Plus me-knitted-cowl. I reshaped the side seams in this skirt so I wear it a bit more, but it’s not my favourite. I don’t like the shape of the pattern as drafted, it’s like a weird cross between an A-line and a pencil which doesn’t really suit me.

Day 12 – Eating quesadillas at home and frantically sewing a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend, then going out for a lovely pizza with friends. Wearing my brown jeans again, my Burda stripey top (you can just see it), and more shop-bought stuff.

This was a great week! I’m really pleased with how much more stuff I’ve made than this time last year.

p.s. In unrelated news, I am getting married exactly two months from today! Eek!

Me-Made-May 2013 – first week! + Maudella denim skirt

So the first week of Me-Made-May 2013 has been and gone. Here’s a round-up of what I wore on days 1-4.


Man, I am bad at taking photos of myself in the mirror. How do other people manage one-handed phone selfies? It’s so hard! I was complaining about this to my boyfriend but he just laughed at me for using the word ‘selfie’, which is basically a fair comment.

Anyway, you might be able to spot my black and white dress, my brown jeans, my Moss denim skirt, and this blue floral dress which I’ve since shortened into a top.

I’m pleased that I’ve managed to wear 90% me-made clothes, except for knitwear (can’t give up my knitwear). There’s a few new things I haven’t blogged yet. One is a denim skirt from a 70s pattern, which I also wore today:


It doesn’t look so great with tights so it’s been languishing in a drawer until this week, but I think it’ll be a summer staple.

The pattern is a Maudella classic, very kindly sent to me by Kestrel Makes. The fabric is £1 a metre denim from the Peter Jensen sample sale. Yes, I’m still working my way through my massive PJ haul.

maudella skirt

I added slash pockets from a Burda pattern, ripped off from inspired by the Hollyburn from Sewaholic. Pockets are an essential in a denim skirt, don’t you think? I also added lots of jeans-style topstitching, and a lapped zipper using this tutorial.

denim skirt collage

Here’s a top tip – don’t try and hem a heavy denim skirt by turning it up twice and stitching. The hem will keep flipping up no matter how much you iron it. You’ll have to undo the whole stupid thing, then re-sew it using some yellow bias-binding you have lying around. At least that’s my experience.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the month! My sewing has been super-productive lately, the May challenge is really getting me inspired. I’ve got lots of new things to show you as soon as I’ve got some decent photos.