The giant denim egg – Inari tee dress no. 2

So here’s my second Named Patterns Inari tee dress.

inari tee dress denim front

It’s made from 8oz washed mid blue denim from Raystitch. This fabric is pricey for denim, but it sews up really nicely and has a nice drape to it. The colour is quite a lot lighter than it looks on the website though, so be warned!

Making this pattern in non-stretch fabric did highlight some fitting issues – the back is a little bit tight and the neckline was too high, so I’ll change those if I make another version in a woven.

Also it was waaaaaayyyyyy too tight. I couldn’t sit down in this dress after I first finished it. Of course I discovered this AFTER I had already sewed and overlocked the sides. Classic.

I should probably have realised that denim was going to be less forgiving than the very stretchy knit that I made my first one in, but there you go. The triumph of hope over experience.

Luckily I managed to make it wearable by taking the tiniest seams ever on the sides, and triple stitching them so hopefully they won’t burst when I’m sitting on the bus or some other public location.

inari tee dress denim back

The long sleeves are turned up at the end, and I scooped out the front neckline a bit and used denim bias binding to finish it.

I also added a centre seam to both the back and front and did some topstitching so the dress wouldn’t just be a vast expanse of denim.

SIDENOTE: Do you feel anxious about topstitching? Does it always end up wobbly and amateurish, like you’ve done it after three glasses of wine? I felt the same until I bought this TRULY amazing edgestitching Bernina foot. I can’t recommend this highly enough. It costs about 22 quid, but it will make your life at least 5% better, permanently. How many things under £30 can you say that about? (I’m sure there are loads, please do share in the comments).

Unironed topstitching/neckline close-up
Unironed topstitching/neckline close-up

This dress makes me feel like I’m wearing a giant denim egg, and I love it.

Next time I’ll add an inch or two to the hem – it’s just slightly too short I think. Although it’s a very thin line between a Uniqlo-esque denim tunic and a full-on 80s denim smock, and the hemline is definitely the danger zone…

inari tee dress denim pockets

Oh and I also added pockets!