Named Patterns Inari dress in autumnal scuba

Inari tee dress in scuba

Firstly, a huge thank you for all the amazing, insightful, and interesting comments that people left on my last post, about giving up blogging. I really wanted to reply to them all but in the last month (!) since I posted it I’ve started a new job and winter has arrived and loads of other things happened that just ate up the whole of October somehow.

But it’s really reassuring to know that other people are pondering this stuff too, and also that not everyone has deleted this blog from their feed provider of choice yet. And yes I am still bitter about the death of Google Reader, thanks for asking. I will never forget. NEVER.

If you haven’t read the comments, I definitely recommend having a look – they’re a big improvement on my actual post which I mainly wrote as a distraction from having to watch yet another rugby match (I am unbelievably happy that the rugby world cup is finally over, it went on for about three years).

So anyway in between then and now I have made two Inari tee dresses by Named Clothing, which is roughly a 150% increase in sewing productivity.

This is version one:

inari tee dress scuba 1
I have new Clarks shoes! As usual.

I made a size 14 straight from the PDF. All I changed was to lengthen the sleeves so I could wear it without a cardigan in the winter. I mean obviously I mainly wear it with a cardigan anyway but it’s nice to have the option.

The fabric is an very odd scuba/ponte I got from Fabricland in Bournemouth ages ago. Can’t find it on their website now but it was very cheap.

Although I quite like the colour scheme, it does remind me of the time I left half a mug of tea in the kitchen sink before going on a two week holiday – white spots of mould over a weirdly mottled congealed brown mess.

Anyway it’s about as breathable as a plastic bag but it’s fine for the winter, and it’s incredibly stretchy and comfortable.

inari tee dress scuba back

The fit is not perfect – the neck is very high and when I sit down I find it a bit strangling. I think the shoulder line is sitting a bit far back which may be to blame. However in fabric this stretchy it’s not really a big deal. I should probably have sewed a 12 in the neck/sleeves area.

I LOVE that Named Patterns are drafted for taller people with long torsos. Even though their PDF prices do seem a bit steep I would pretty much pay anything to have a pattern I don’t have to lengthen. I like being taller at gigs but I curse it whenever I sew.

I would maybe add an extra inch or two (I’m 5 ft 9 for reference) but it’s wearable as it is I think.

It’s quite new for me to wear dresses like this that have absolutely no waist definition, but they are incredibly comfortable.

Also, despite basically being a giant sack, the design of this pattern is really good. The side seams curve round to the front in a nice, flattering way and the split level hem is genius.

inari tee dress shoes


Don’t have much else to say about this to be honest – I didn’t bother hand stitching down the sleeve cuffs, as there’s no way you’d notice in this fabric anyway.

I sewed the whole thing with a zig zag stitch on my machine and then finished the seams with the overlocker (although I didn’t need to). I just did a straight stitch for the hem and the sleeve cuffs.

I’m not 100% convinced about it, but on the plus side, it would make an excellent disguise if I ever need to hide in a giant pile of mouldy autumn leaves.

I have made another one of these dresses in denim which I will probably get around to blogging about in another month, so see you then!