Why I stopped blogging reasons 1-9

  1. I realised that people I knew in real life were reading my blog, ie. family members and colleagues, and it didn’t just exist in a magical private world where only other sewing people would read it.
  2. I became very disenchanted with the idea of taking photos of myself and putting them online. This was intensified 100% when I started finding pictures of myself in google image searches for patterns and stuff. Urgh.
  3. I spend all day managing ‘content’ for work, including a WordPress blog, which makes me disinclined to come home and create more ‘content’ in my spare time (apologies for using the word ‘content’)
  4. Taking photos of finished projects started to became a massive pain and there never seemed to be enough time in the day to do it.
  5. I stopped sewing for about 8 months after making several failed projects and thought I had lost the desire and the skills to make clothes forever. Thankfully it seems to be returning a bit.
  6. Instagram is so much easier and low-effort and feels kind of less public (although obviously this is an illusion)
  7. Related to no. 1 – people I knew in real life would spot me wearing something I had blogged and be like ‘oh yeah, I saw that on your blog!’ and I’d be paranoid that it looked better online than in real life, and it also meant the loss of that amazing ‘I love your dress, where did you buy it? OMG, you actually made it?!’ moment which is what life is really all about when you get down to it.
  8. I became fairly certain that blogs were a dying format and I just seemed to be posting the same old boring posts all the time and I just got bored with it, you know.
  9. I became very uncertain that I had any interesting thoughts or unique sewing skills to offer, which made this blog seem self-indulgent, and I didn’t want to just clog up the internet with more of the same old stuff.


I am now thinking that I might like to blog again so I wanted to know – do people still read sewing blogs? What do you like about them? Have they been killed off by Instagram and Snapchat and whatever else the kids are using nowadays?


I made this dress from a Burda pattern, 08/2015, number 123:

floral dress

It is made from a spongey stretch crepe I got in Mermaid Fabrics, and I left out the zipper and the back seam and just put clear elastic on the waistband, so it was pretty quick to sew.