Me-Made-May 2014: Week 1

So my Me-Made-May challenge this year is to wear 90% handmade clothing.

I am excluding RTW knitwear, because a world without cardigans and jumpers is a world I don’t want to live in. But I’m going to try and wear entirely me-made shirts, skirts, tops and trousers.

This should make life a bit more difficult, and keep my third MMM interesting, as well as showing up all the gaps in my handmade wardrobe.

I’m posting every day on Flickr (and sometimes on Instagram) but I’ll do a round-up here every Sunday.

Here’s what I wore for the first 4 days (click for a larger version):

MeMadeMay14 Days 1-4
Day 1, At work – New, unblogged sweatshirt, blue wool Moss skirt, necklace from COS.

Day 2, At work – Moss denim skirt (this has seen better days and think I’m going to have to throw it out. Sad times). Plantain top, cardigan from H&M.

Day 3, All day hen do involving a canal boat, dinner, and karaoke – Wearing my Vogue 8728 dress and a cardigan from COS.

Day 3, General bank holiday lazing around and drinking – Wearing an unblogged knit pencil skirt from the same fabric as my Plantain, McCalls 6355 top, and a jumper from Uniqlo.

That top I’m wearing on day 1 is my new favourite sweatshirt. Here’s a slightly closer look:


I made this using the basic set-in sleeve pattern from Built By Wendy Home Stretch (buy this book! It’s amazing), using the same fabric as this skater dress.

It was ripped off from inspired by a jumper I saw in the menswear department at COS. All I did was cut a yoke for the front and back, using the wrong side of the fabric.

I also cut the neckband with the wrong side facing out. The cuffs and band at the bottom are just doubled up fabric strips, and the whole thing was sewn on my overlocker and took about 2 hours.

I have the itch to make more sweatshirts now. Working with knit fabrics feels like cheating, it’s so easy and quick!

If you’re taking part in Me-Made-May 14, how are you finding it so far? Easy/hard/inspiring/challenging?


24 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2014: Week 1

  1. Kerry May 11, 2014 / 9:25 PM

    I love the sweatshirt. I’m a big fan of the Sew U Stretch book too, though I just made the Breton top from it and found that the sleeve pattern piece is crazily wide which was weird.

  2. thesecretlifeofseams May 7, 2014 / 2:34 PM

    I love your sweater! So effective and not super-shouty, which is very Cos-y. I’m being pretty low-key this MMM by just doing 3 days a week and I feel a little lame, which doesn’t make a lot of sense(!)

    • yesilikethat May 8, 2014 / 10:49 PM

      That’s not lame, it’s awesome! It’s all about what you want to do 🙂

  3. Thea May 6, 2014 / 9:13 PM

    I’m so impressed by your MMM pictures – that’s the aspect I’m struggling with most at the moment. I’m really looking forward to the rest of your posts 🙂 So far, my first MMM is going alright, but like people above, it definitely makes me dress a bit more carefully, and it forces me to combine items I wouldn’t usually combine. Definitely a good thing!

    • yesilikethat May 8, 2014 / 10:49 PM

      Oh man my photos this week have gone rapidly down hill. I am feeling the pressure now, running out of things to wear…

  4. senjiva May 6, 2014 / 1:59 PM

    “a world without cardigans and jumpers is a world I don’t want to live in.” AMEN AND PASS THE POTATOES!!! I like your new sweatshirt! My MMM14 is starting a bit slow and I didn’t get a photo of yesterdays’, but your outfits look great!

  5. Mette May 6, 2014 / 9:23 AM

    Hi Kathryn I have been popping by your blog on a regular basis and just added you on bloglovin. I love how you make wearable items for everdayuse – cool clothes – and this sweatshirt is not an exception. I’m quite new in the blogossphere – writing not stalking that is:) If you like to see what I sew you can see it on . I’m looking forward to your next make:)

    • yesilikethat May 8, 2014 / 10:48 PM

      Thanks so much Mette! Good luck with your blog, it looks awesome so far.

  6. fabrictragic May 5, 2014 / 11:39 PM

    Nice combos so far. Your contrast yoke jumper reminds me of this jumper I’d like to knit (but realistically just don’t have time for at least oh 2 years due to other projects) but you’ve got me thinking now if I could get contrasting fabric…….hmmmm…..

    • yesilikethat May 8, 2014 / 10:48 PM

      Ooh love that jumper! Sewing would be a lot quicker than knitting though…

  7. Chris May 5, 2014 / 8:23 PM

    Like your combinations and feel inspired to feature my Moss skirt in MMM as well (it’s a little on the tight side at the moment due to some overexposure to rather yummy food so it might have to wait for the end of the month…)
    I have found MMM easy so far – mind you, I seem to have worn the same thing every da so far. Different clothes tomorrow, I promise!!

  8. navybluethreads May 5, 2014 / 7:24 PM

    Another first timer. Fun so far apart from husband’s grumbles about photographs… Love your new sweatshirt. I’d be tempted to wear that every day.

    • yesilikethat May 8, 2014 / 10:48 PM

      I hear you! My husband actually groaned when I told him I was doing MMM again this year.

    • navybluethreads May 9, 2014 / 6:55 PM

      Funny! Guess it wouldn’t be too bad if I was prepared to accept the first one he takes, but of course being female, and his tendency to make me look like a midget (he insists on taking them from his height, grrr…) that just ain’t never gonna happen!

  9. rillafree May 5, 2014 / 6:00 PM

    This is my first MMM and I’m trying really hard to vary my outfits. I’m not short of handmade clothes, but have got a habit of wearing the same items each week. So far it’s fun and documenting my outfit each day is discouraging me from wearing the same dress 3 days in a row!!! I’m loving seeing what everyone else is wearing and in context with day to day life!

  10. gingermakes May 5, 2014 / 5:16 PM

    Oh man, that sweatshirt is fab! I’m stunned that you just used the wrong side of the fabric for the contrasting bit- genius!

    • yesilikethat May 8, 2014 / 10:47 PM

      I know, wish I could claim it as my idea but totally ripped it off, ha ha.

  11. Rachel May 5, 2014 / 4:30 PM

    Love the sweatshirt – I sometimes worry that too much of my wardrobe is block colours, but simply adding a contrasting yoke really lives the sweatshirt up. I’m finding MMM enjoyable so far other than the taking of pictures, but I’m hoping it’ll make me a pro by the end of the month.

  12. sewlittletime May 5, 2014 / 2:52 PM

    Lovely outfits! I’m finding mmm ok so far but it’s early days yet! Of course I’m not doing as much as you – just one item per day!

  13. Kelly May 5, 2014 / 2:27 PM

    You’ve got a good start! I’m not doing MMM this year. It was so stressful and had such a demoralizing effect on me last year – not at all what MMM is supposed to be about! I love seeing everyone’s outfits, but I’m also pretty happy to not be participating!

    • yesilikethat May 8, 2014 / 10:47 PM

      Oh no, definitely agree it’s not worth doing if it stresses you out! I think looking at everyone’s outfits is my favourite part 🙂

  14. Lady Stitcher May 5, 2014 / 12:42 PM

    Love your new sweatshirt! Like Caroline, it’s my first MMM and I’ve already found that I’m putting more effort into my outfits than I usually would. It’s also showing me noticeable gaps in my sewing – chiefly trousers!

  15. Caroline Joynson May 5, 2014 / 11:38 AM

    Hi, I’m taking part in MMM for the first time and its definately highlighting some major gaps in my me-made wardrobe- namely trousers, dresses and any type of sweatshirt / knitwear item (I don’t really do knitting).
    Its been fun so far though ; )

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