Me-Made-May 2013: The Final Countdown

Here we go! The last instalment, plus my thoughts on the whole Me-Made-May experiment. Hope this hasn’t been too boring for you.

The photos from the last week are truly dreadful, I apologise for that. On the plus side, my ability to take one-handed iPhone pics has improved 150%.


26th: Didn’t manage to get a picture of this day, even though I met up with fellow sewing ladies Shivani and Rachel for some Liberty fabric fun in Shaukut! I wore my Moss skirt, floral top, and trusty cardigan. You can see I haven’t missed my calling as an outfit visual merchandiser.

27th: Me-made jeans, unblogged top from Burda kimono pattern, and sparkly cardigan (again).

28th: It doesn’t seem right that I was wearing a wool skirt, a long-sleeved striped top, a knitted shawl and thermal tights in late May. That’s the Great British Summer for you.


Last three days, eek!

Day 29: black and white McCalls dress, Uniqlo jumper, new favourite Tatty Devine necklace.

Day 20: Me-made jeans, still unblogged Maudella vintage shirt which I really need to talk about, and Uniqlo cardigan.

Day 30: Stripey Burda kimono sleeve top, Maudella skirt, big knitted shawl again.


IT’S FINISHED!!! OMG, I can’t believe I actually did the whole thing this time around.

The worst part was taking a photo every day, but it’s also been the most useful bit. It’s given me a great overview of what I actually wear, and what I think looks good on me (and what doesn’t).

I’d like to have had more time to engage with the community on Flickr. It was massive this year. I really enjoyed seeing the outfits of Handmade By Carolyn (sewing goddess), Crab and Bee (I love everything she wears), mchigu (her romper is AMAZING), creating in the gap (wish I had 10% of her elegance) Kathryn Mhairi (gorgeous colourful separates), and KB Field (queen of the collar) amongst others!

The best part was thinking about what I was going to put on each morning and coming up with combinations I’d never normally wear. I discovered I really like colourful accessories – necklaces and socks and cardigans – so I’m going to look out for more of those.

I’d gone off my home-made jeans a bit before May, but I wore them to death during the month, and you know what, they’re great. Sure, the fit is wonky, and the finish is worse, but I’m still proud of them.

Wow, I’ve really sewed a lot in the last year. I didn’t realise how many Burda patterns I’d made and how many everyday ‘cake’ items I have now. Blogging everything I make has really upped the quantity and quality of my sewing. I managed to stick to my pledge of wearing mostly me-made-items, apart from knitwear/jumpers/blazers.

HUGE HUGE THANKS go out to Zoe for organising this event. It’s such a simple, brilliant concept. Can’t wait to see how big it gets next year!

Here’s my whole month in review:

MMM collage

17 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2013: The Final Countdown

  1. Franca June 11, 2013 / 3:28 PM

    I’m really late in commenting, but you have some excellent pieces! maybe next year I can take part too!

  2. Zoe June 10, 2013 / 6:08 PM

    Damn lady, your wardrobe is soooo awesome. You’ve got so many gorgeous and wearable items up in there. Your jeans look fab from where I’m sitting, and the fact that you’ve used them so often shows how successful they despite and little flaws you may be aware of.

    • yesilikethat June 11, 2013 / 8:59 AM

      Thank you Zoe! It was a great month, thanks so much for organising it again, it’s totally inspiring. xx

  3. gingermakes June 5, 2013 / 6:19 PM

    I really loved your MMM posts– your outfits are super cute! I agree– blogging has made me really want to do a good job and make well-sewn garments. It’s amazing to see how much progress many bloggers have made between last year’s MMM and this year’s!

  4. dandeliondrift June 5, 2013 / 3:22 PM

    Your closet of handmade clothes looks so versatile! I would love to work on building up my handmade clothes stash and join in me made May next year!

    • yesilikethat June 6, 2013 / 2:29 PM

      Thanks! Good luck with your sewing 🙂

  5. thesecretlifeofseams June 4, 2013 / 12:28 PM

    Looks great, you have so many great me-made options to choose from. I can see from your tiled pic that you indulge in cardigan action, have you sewn any yet? It’s one of those things I know would be really useful but still haven’t got round to.

    • yesilikethat June 4, 2013 / 2:19 PM

      No, I really should get around to that! I can’t stop buying them though, I may end up with a cardigan mountain where my flat once was.

  6. crab&bee June 4, 2013 / 12:00 AM

    Gosh, thank you for the shout-out! I really enjoyed seeing your outfits as well, and was totally impressed with your great pants (jeans! the holy grail!) and skirts.

  7. Jenna June 3, 2013 / 5:20 PM

    I thought you looked really well put together every day and all your clothes look so well made. Like Flossiejamieson I cannot imagine trying to make a pair of jeans at the moment – maybe I’ll make that my goal before next year!

    • yesilikethat June 4, 2013 / 2:19 PM

      Thanks so much Jenna! I never thought I’d be able to make jeans at the beginning of this year, it’s amazing what you can do if you try (sorry, that’s a bit cheesy)

  8. Emma June 3, 2013 / 5:09 PM

    Serious kudos to you!

  9. sylkotwist June 3, 2013 / 2:23 PM

    Blimey, well done, that’s so impressive!

  10. flossiejamieson June 3, 2013 / 2:22 PM

    I can’t even imagine a day when I think I might be able to tackle making a pair of jeans, which is basically my uniform, so I can see why yours got so much overuse. I am mightily impressed by your selection. Maybe next year I will be a bit more of a contender …

    • yesilikethat June 4, 2013 / 2:20 PM

      Last year I basically gave up halfway through so keep at it! You’ve made some beautiful things 🙂

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