New Year highlights and resolutions

Happy New Year! Here’s to an extremely lucky, rain-free, and prosperous 2013.

For your enjoyment, here is a murky picture of me enjoying the Edinburgh New Year fireworks, complete with fizzy wine in a plastic cup. For bonus points, can you spot the shivering toga-clad students in this photo?


I’ve been AWOL due to a hectic schedule of watching crap TV, eating Lindor, and enjoying the freezing delights of Scotland at Christmas. I did meet up with Debi and Kerrie in Glasgow for a sneaky Mandors visit which was fun – check out Debi’s blog for a picture of said historic meeting.

But now I’m back and raring to go! I’m determined to beat my blogging record from last year (a measly 77 posts). This must also be the year I master the self-portrait, especially as my in-house photo taker and tea-maker is away for the whole of January, and I already have three finished garments waiting to be photographed.

2012 was an awesome year. Here are my highlights, in no particular order:

sunset in Norway
Sunset in Norway
  • Standing on a troll’s tongue in Norway, and experiencing the strange delights of Norwegian cuisine (bolognaise pizza anyone? no?)
  • Watching and enjoying esoteric sports including synchronised swimming, handball, and water polo (thanks, London Olympics!)
  • Getting a tweet from Shelagh Fogarty, personal heroine and Radio 5 Live presenter.
  • Touching my toes for the first time in 20 years (thanks, ballet classes!)
  • Hobnobbing in REAL LIFE with sewing bloggers like Zoe, Rehanon, Karen, Emily, Elisalex, Claire, Julia and more.
  • Growing a mini oasis on our Hackney balcony.
  • Getting engaged under a beautiful sunset (see above).
  • Tackling the fly front and winning, thanks to an awesome tutorial from Grainline.
  • Bouncing on a Stonehenge replica somewhere in Walthamstow Marshes on a scorching hot day.
Bouncy Stonehenge, one of the greatest artistic achievements of our time

Last year I fulfilled all of my New Year’s Resolutions, or ‘objectives’ as my friend Jenny prefers to call them (I approve of this as it sounds incredibly business-like). But I only had three, which is cheating really.

This year I have a whole enormous teetering pile of objectives, with three specific sewing ones:

  1. Take part in Me-Made-May and actually make it to the end. Third time lucky.
  2. Scale the trouser-making mountain and sew some stretch skinny jeans.
  3. Work on my personal style so I only make what I’ll actually wear.

The key to keeping any resolution is to make it specific, so I think the first two are okay. The last one is way too vague, but I’m working on that. Expect a post about it soon. Happy 2013!


6 thoughts on “New Year highlights and resolutions

  1. zoe January 7, 2013 / 8:28 PM

    Oooh, I love your objectives!!! Good luck with them. Very pleased to hear you are up for Me-Made-May’13. I can’t help but think Pinterest will help you figure out the third objective, it’s really helped me define my own style and what I want to make to reflect it. xxx

    • yesilikethat January 7, 2013 / 9:18 PM

      I want to do a post about this, I’m really bad at using Pinterest for style inspiration, it’s good to know that you find it useful! Will have to get making some new boards x

  2. gingermakes January 4, 2013 / 5:39 PM

    What a fun year you’ve had! I’m with you on the trouser-making goal this year. They’re just so scary!

  3. CGCouture January 3, 2013 / 8:16 PM

    I’ve never even attempted a me-made month, and I’m not sure I’d stick to it even if I did, so I’ll just wish you luck! As for the last one, it isn’t vague at all! I would say finding your style is just a process that takes time (goodness knows I’m still trying to find mine!) So I wouldn’t worry if you sew up some stuff that just isn’t your style this year. 🙂

    P.S. I totally want to jump in the Stonehenge bounce house….that would be too awesome!

  4. Kerry January 3, 2013 / 4:02 PM

    Like the sound of your objectives – I’ve never made it quite to the end of MMM the two times I’ve done it either! And I also want to get a better sense of my style as I admire bloggers who have a signature style and I’m not sure what mine is just now.

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