Galibardy jewellery

Okay, so I’m not a big fan of blogs that are just ‘Look at these items you can buy, they are nice’. So I don’t want to get into that sort of thing.

But seriously, look at this jewellery from Galibardy, it’s SUPER-nice.

For example, this tape measure bracelet. It’s like a secret dressmaking symbol, just a bit less permanent than getting a massive sewing tattoo.

Tape measure bracelet
Image taken from the Galibardy website

I also love these bee earrings.

Bee earrings OMG
Image taken from the Galibardy website

And this ring shaped like a rabbit coming out of a top hat. Of course.

Top hat rabbit ring
Image taken from the Galibardy website

Galibardy stuff has been spotted on ‘celebrities’ including Peaches Geldof, Fearne Cotton, and Pixie Lott. But it is nice jewellery, which hopefully would not identify you with any of these people.


2 thoughts on “Galibardy jewellery

  1. Chuck January 25, 2012 / 11:01 PM

    Ooh, sewing tattoos! You should get one!

    Here is to spring, absolutely. I’m effectively unemployed as well (why won’t anyone pay me??) and it is rubbish. Made one abortive trip to ikea last year. Trekked all the way there, made notes of what we wanted, came home and found a) the delivery cost are ridic and b) have the stuff isn’t available online. Ended up getting a crappy bookshelf from Argos that is listing worryingly under the strain… Oh dear. X

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