Wintery colour palette

Winter colour for Christmas 2011

IKEA Ljusås Uvås, £24.99
Osborne & Little Pelangi Fabric | Contemporary Wool Fabric, £98
Lazy Oaf | Swatch Watch X Jeremy Scott Punk Watch, £38
Present and Correct Vintage Christmas Travel Poster, £55

Winter has three traditional colour palettes to choose from.

1. Good old-fashioned red, green and gold. Beloved by pound shops and your gran.

2. Incredibly tasteful and muted, with deep velvety texture all over the shop. Think John Lewis in-store displays.

3. Winter white and silver. Only for people who don’t do their own cleaning.

Nothing wrong with any of those, but why can’t we have screamingly bright colour in December as well as in August? Not everything has to be seasonally themed. When it’s cloudy and cold some pink, orange, and green and yellow leopard-print does cheer things up a tad. I put together this garish collection of objects to do just that.

Without mentioning the word ‘Christmas’* I think a cosy orange jumper, some woolly polka-dot cushions, a Jeremy Scott swatch, a retro green mug, a cheery pink vintage print, and a classic IKEA blue lamp would all make brilliant presents as well.

* oops, sorry


One thought on “Wintery colour palette

  1. prttynpnk November 19, 2011 / 10:49 AM

    I like where you are going, its more lively!

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