Novelty jumpers – a knit too far?

Are you a novelty knitwear person?

Do you wear your jaunty Christmas jumper with pride? Or do visions of Gyles Brandreth and Noel Edmond dance before your eyes in a haze of static-y acrylic, warning you off?

Novelty knitwear in general is pretty huge at the moment. Inspired by Chuck’s timely post on Christmas jumper chic, I had a look round Net-A-Porter.

Stella McCartney novelty Christmas jumperThis is a Stella McCartney polar-bear themed novelty Christmas jumper. I totally love it, except for a couple of small issues:

1. It’s £670 quid – you could probably get a real polar bear for that.

2. This is the back:

Stella McCartney Christmas jumper backFor nearly 700 quid, I want to see fair-isle coming AND going, Stella.

Christmas knitwear aside, there’s a strange lack of patterns for hilarious novelty jumpers on Ravelry. I have seriously contemplated knitting this one, which is too a bit tasteful to qualify:

Photo from Tiny Owl Knits on Ravelry

But the best novelty knitwear on Ravelry has to be by the amazingly talented Spilly Jane. Behold the pint of beer socks and the German sausage mittens:

Socks with pints on
Photo from SpillyJane's Ravelry account
Sausage Mittens from SpillyJane
Photo from SpillyJane's Ravelry account

The only novelty knitting I’ve attempted so far is this, my ’70s Care Bear’ hat, so called because of the retro brown and orange hearts.

It’s actually the ‘From Norway with love’ hat. I gave it to my ex-flatmate as it looked much better on her than on me.

Do you approve of the rehabilitation of the naff jumper? Where do you stand on novelty knitwear?


One thought on “Novelty jumpers – a knit too far?

  1. Chuck November 16, 2011 / 8:06 AM

    Yey! Why is there no back to that Stella jumper though?? That is so cheeky. Hate it when brands do that, designer or high street. The bear jumper is hilarious too. My knitting skills are definitely not up to that… x

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