Vintage finds – Inn Sign Cocktail Sticks

Genuine Inn Sign cocktail sticks

My mum found these ‘Genuine Inn Sign cocktail sticks’ at the very back of a cupboard in my Gran’s kitchen. I fell in love with them immediately and took them home to admire.

The packaging is perfect – the 50s chartreuse green, the mix of typefaces, the copy and the illustrations on the back:

Back of cocktail sticks
They’re such an incongruous mix of swinging 50s modernism and Ye Olde England mythology. Each cocktail stick is a miniature pub sign from a ‘Coaching Inn of England’. I wonder how many are still open today.

Inn signs

‘Coaching Inn’ reminds me of Georgette Heyer novels, heroines eloping with Regency cads on uncomfortable horse-driven trips to Gretna Green.

Inn signs back

My mum thinks my Grandad must have bought these – I wonder when, and where? They’ve been in the back of a cupboard for 50 odd years, obviously too nice for everyday.

Martini olive

 I’m don’t think my grandparents were the type to need tiny novelty sticks for their cocktail olives on a regular basis. They were from Shropshire, not the natural home of the martini.

Stay put swinging sign

I haven’t taken them out of the packaging, I don’t think I ever will. They look nice propped up on the bookshelf in our living room though.


2 thoughts on “Vintage finds – Inn Sign Cocktail Sticks

  1. Jimmy Beer August 23, 2013 / 6:16 PM

    I’ve got a package too. I think I found ’em in a box of mixed stuff at a yard sale here in Hamilton, On. Canada. I like them a lot. Mine are of old inns of Yorkshire. Kind of a neat novelty at the time I suppose. Mine travelled a long way from Yorkshire. I don’t know what else to say but “Cheers!” From Jimmy Beer

  2. kaye March 10, 2012 / 6:18 PM

    Hello there,

    Just to let you know I found the very same item in a charity shop in Inverness. They brought memories of Edinburgh.

    Nice find

    or cheers

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