Bloomsbury wanders

I think Bloomsbury must be the best place in London for wandering. I was there last week for a quiet amble around.

There are so many good places to people-watch in the area between King’s Cross and the British Museum – Russell Square, the new St Pancras station, the British Library. Not to mention the magnificent London Review Cake Shop, where I went in for a cup of tea and some eavesdropping (two incredibly posh music students systematically slagging off everyone in their department, it was riveting).

Tiled floor

pink windowsill flowers



Yellow/orange berriesThis is definitely my new favourite colour

There’s something interesting around every corner. Do you have anywhere favourite for people-watching? I have to admit it’s my favourite thing to do  (second to sitting on buses listening in to other people’s conversations – I am incurably nosey)


5 thoughts on “Bloomsbury wanders

  1. Michelle October 16, 2011 / 7:37 AM

    Oh, look at that dreadful typing! And I thought I could multi-task!

  2. Michelle October 16, 2011 / 7:36 AM

    Loved your ;pix, and the idea of the students being so self-absorbed they forget themselves. .

  3. Chuck October 15, 2011 / 5:00 PM

    Ooh, really want to go to the LR tea shop! Must get around to it.

  4. ooobop! October 12, 2011 / 8:37 PM

    Ha! Thats so reassuring. My favourite hobby (apart from sewing!) is to eavesdrop on buses! My boyfriend is so embarrassed by me. I even lean forward, surruptitiously of course, to get a better hearing! Though it did really get me into trouble once. I wont repeat what the girls turned round and said to me!!! Great photos by the way. Fab colour spots. I was up that way recently for a meeting with a book publishing company. I love the area but hated the tube journey. Never been a fan of the Northern Line.

    • yesilikethat October 13, 2011 / 10:02 AM

      Man, I totally love bus eavesdropping! Have never been caught though (yet). My favourite is when it’s coming from behind your seat and you have to guess what the eavesdroppees look like, then when you get off you can have a sneaky peek and see if you were right.

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