Thursday bits and bobs

This post has no real purpose, except to distract me from my pre-holiday packing woes and pending unemployment (three weeks and counting, oh dear). There’s three things I’ve been pondering lately:

Firstly, the elbow patch. Check out the awesome tartan tweed elbow patches on this young man. They’ve actually been needled-felted into the jumper! (at least as far as I can tell from the  confusing description on the Fred Perry website). Also here’s an inspirational elbow-patch post from Experiments and Accidents.

Woollen elbow patches by Fred Perry
Image source: Fred Perry website

I am a huge fan of the elbow-patch, never mind any geography teacher related jibes, and have been searching for the perfect ones for a while. I’d love to make a jacket or jumper and add some, but I’m not sure where to buy nice-looking ready-made ones (NOT in fake leather, John Lewis). Ultimate Craft in Stoke Newington has, for once, proved fruitless. If only I had Howard Moon here to provide me with a wide selection.

The second thing on my mind is bust darts. I’m frantically trying to finish a new dress (it’s Vogue 8779) before I go on holiday next Tuesday, for a friend’s wedding in America. I don’t know why I always impose these ridiculous sewing deadlines on myself.

Kate Middleton dress bodice

This dress is not going smoothly, and the main reason is the stupid bust darts, which just refuse to stop being pointy. They’re really going all out for the whole ‘cold in here?’ look, and I can’t fix it. I’ve tried curving the dart and pressing the hell out of it, but it’s just not working.

At least I’m in good company – Kate Middleton’s wedding dress seemed to have a smidgeon of the same problem (or is it just me?)  Surely Sarah Burton knows a thing or two about a bust dart, from which I can only surmise that it was a deliberate design look.  Anyway that’s how I’m going to re-brand mine if I can’t solve the issue…

Lastly, and this has no relation to anything, Rita Hayworth.  I have wasted many hours lately watching clips from old Rita Hayworth films on Youtube. There are loads of great ones, but this is my favourite. It’s 11 minutes of brilliance and I watch it whenever I need some cheering up. The best bit (apart from Rita) is the un-smiling lady representing Vogue at 1:08. Clearly Vogue was the snootiest of the fashion magazines even back then.


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