Liberty Rocks: AW11 Fabric Collection

Back in the day, when I was still young and fresh-faced, it was very important to decide which member of Blur you fancied.

Blur in the 90s

Was it Alex James, the tall dark-haired bassist? Or Graham Coxon, the arty, be-spectacled guitarist? (Sorry, but Damon was just too obvious).

I was always an Alex fan. He was from Bournemouth (my home-town) and had a lovely floppy fringe.  But fast forward 15 years and who’s looking like the better choice now?*

I think the Graham fans were right all along.

I really love the fabric he’s come up with for Liberty, it has an Escher/wood-cut vibe to it. I can see it as a shirt, or some very trippy kitchen curtains.

A Boy Dreams Liberty Print Fabric Graham Coxon
Image Source: Liberty website
The rest of collection is worth a look as well, and the colour palettes  are stunning. They’re based on vintage album covers. Lots of inspiration here if you’re taking part in the Colette Fall Palette Challenge 2011. My favourite is this one, described as ‘dusty pink, velvet green, suede brown and beige.’
Foreigner palette from Liberty Fabrics. Image source: Liberty website
Image source: Liberty website

(It’s based on this Foreigner album cover)

Foreigner Feels Like The First Time

I also love this digital print, which allegedly the design team made by ‘entering the mind of a rockstar to create their own fantasy album cover’.

Explosions in the Sky Liberty Fabric montage. Image source: Liberty website
Image source: Liberty website

It’s called Explosions in the Sky (after the band?) and is a large-print fountain paint splatter. I can see it as a very simple shift dress or silk shirt, especially in that blue and yellow colourway.

It’s available in Tana Lawn, Lantana Wool, Lilestone Wool, Crepe de Chine, Georgette, Poplin, Silk Satin and Jersey, although good luck actually finding all those in Liberty. If you’re based in London, you should only ever go to Shaukut to buy Liberty fabrics.  It’s an Aladdin’s Cave Basement of Liberty prints and fabrics, pre-cut into three metre lengths and on rolls, and they have a hugely better selection than the actual department store.

You can buy online as well, but I recommend visiting for the full mind-blowing effect. A perfect day out in London is going to South Kensington to visit the V&A, having a cup of tea and cake in the members room, and then popping over to Shaukut to rifle through some Liberty print  (sadly this is not my boyfriend’s idea of perfection or I’d be there every weekend).

I have a feeling that Shaukut get the new collections about a year after they come out (I saw the 2009 Grayson Perry collection there in 2010) so I’ll be looking out for these next summer.

*(Actually Dave the drummer turned out to be the coolest one; according to Wikipedia he’s had five careers as a musician, animator, solicitor, political activist, and pilot.)


4 thoughts on “Liberty Rocks: AW11 Fabric Collection

  1. Xtina September 5, 2011 / 11:33 AM

    Ooo I’ve never heard of Shaukut before – thanks!
    Love seeing where other people get their palette inspiration from too.

  2. Geri September 2, 2011 / 6:45 AM

    That fabric is amazing!! Living in London, I’d yet to succumb to the Liberty fever, but suddenly I have a real desire to blow a lot of cash on beautiful beautiful fabric. I could never decide which one I liked most (the guitarist was cuter, but double bases are so cool) but I think it’s clear now.

    • yesilikethat September 2, 2011 / 4:28 PM

      Get yourself to Shaukut immediately! It’s an amazing place. Liberty print is lovely to sew with (the voile anyway).

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