Deckchair, eyes, and puppets at Morley

In June I went to Morley College Gallery to see the Textile Foundation exhibition. I did this course from 2009-10 and I wish I could do it all over again. It’s a part-time, one-year course and the teachers and facilities are amazing.

Morley are now also running a part-time Fine Art Foundation course which I would love to do. If I was rich I would spend my life taking different art and design courses (if I could fit them into a hectic schedule of lounging about, reading Jilly Cooper novels and eating chocolate).

These are my favourites from the June 2011 exhibition – I’ve taken all the info on the designers from their artist’s statements.

Monika Haeussler-Goeschl was inspired by the glove puppets of Paul Glee to create this piece. It’s a framework of a person, with lines leading out to 7 different puppets, each of which represents a different aspect of personality based on Freud’s theories. Very interesting idea and different to anything else in the show.

Personality Puppets

Here’s my favourite puppet – The Controller. Scary.

Eileen Egerton was inspired by 1984, using the eye as a symbol and metaphor for fear, love and wisdom. They really remind me of African wax-prints and I love the colours she’s chosen, and how she’s created a palette with the same print.

Fabric samples

Eye wall hanging

Teresa Kirk‘s project was a homage to Morecambe, 1950s textiles, and ‘cheerful optimism, child-like pleasure and fun’. This was my favourite, with three deckchairs perched on a sandy floor against a blue background. I completely love her ice-cream print and want it as an A-line skirt (or a swimming costume! How amazing?)

Deckchair prints
Ice-cream flavours on the left, and Eric Morecambe on the right

Katie Thomas created these silk scarves, which are all based on the ‘unusual beauty’ of Deptford in South London. They’re discharge dyed and printed. Love the colours and how they’ve been hung up on a washing line.

Sadly you can’t go and see this exhibition, on account of it ending two months ago, but go along next year! And there’s always something interesting on at the Gallery.


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