Gibson tuck hair-do

I thought people might like to know about an amazing hairstyle, which I think Casey originally posted. It’s called a Gibson tuck, and you can find out how to do it here.

It’s a cute, vaguely vintage-y hairdo that is easy to do even for hair simpletons like myself. It’s sort of Victorian (hence the name) and sort of 1940s.

You just make a ponytail, pull it out a little bit and create a sort of nest between the hair-band and your head, then roll back all your hair and stuff it into the nest (sorry for lack of eloquence in this description).

It is literally the ONLY thing I can do with my barnet. I can’t even manage a Dalston Topknot so you can see how easy this must be to do.

You can even wear a bike helmet over it, if you position the original pony-tail low down on the neck.

Here it is on my friend’s head:

Sarah hair  - gibson tuck

And on mine.
Katie hair  - gibson tuck

You can see a video of it on Youtube here.

I have to add that this Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo volumising stuff is amazing if you have flat slippery boring hair like myself. It basically makes your hair feel dirty and sticky, even though it’s clean. I know that sounds sort of disgusting but it’s good for spraying all over your hair before you backcomb it, it makes it all stick together enough to do hair-styles like the above.

/this public service hair announcement is now over.


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