Hercule Poirot’s house

Florin Court on Charterhouse Square

Yes, this is where Hercule Poirot lives – Whitehaven Mansions (otherwise known as Florin Court, on Charterhouse Square in Clerkenwell). Look at the amazing curved glass windows.

Florin Court windows

I’d love to own a flat here (or alternatively in the Barbican, peeking over in the back right of the top photo). I’d come and have little holidays in a fictional 1930s timeline.

I would sweep out of the building wearing this huge fur trimmed coat:

Plus this dress:

Possibly on my way to Selfridges to buy some new outfits

(this is a fascinating book about Mr Selfridge and his department store – did you know he invented the bargain basement? And January sales? And putting cosmetics departments on the ground floor?)

Of course the problem with living in the 30s is that it all started to get a little bit complicated towards the end of the decade – that’s why it would be a strictly fictional reality I could just pop into. Also, I’d wouldn’t like to get too involved with one of Hercule’s professional adventures, although it might be fun to be a cigarette smoking, silk dressing gown wearing lady murder suspect.

What do you think?

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