Backpack or Rucksack?

In June I fulfilled one of my new year’s resolutions – I bought a bike and started cycling to work. It’s been great, and I speak as someone who loves nothing more than sitting on the bus and staring out of the window (especially from one of the coveted front seats at the top, the 1st-class of public transport).

But London buses at peak commuting times are not nice. They are crammed with people who cough/smell/play music on their mobiles, and you can never get a seat. Cycling, on the other hand, saves you money, makes you fitter, and involves free-wheeling down hills shouting ‘wheeee’ (if there is no-one around). Also, and this is not emphasised enough in my opinion, cycling is the one form of exercise which involves sitting down.

Handbags and cycling are a tricky mix though. I only like cross-body satchel type bags, but even they can be a bit cumbersome for cycling, if you have lots to fit in. Until I get the vintage box bag of my dreams to fit onto my bike rack, I’ve been shoving my stuff into a dark red Kanken, which you can get from

They’re great because they are defiantly un-sporty and come in loads of colours. I think they are hugely overpriced for what they are though (and have gone up by 20 quid since I bought mine two years ago). There is a shortage of cheap, nice-looking backpacks out there.

I had a dig around and found quite a good selection on the men’s section at Asos. I like this one for 35 quid.

But this is surely the queen of backpacks from Lazy Oaf – the space backpack. Nice and roomy, and drivers would definitely notice you with this on your back.

I want one!


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