Cathartic Typography

About a month ago I went to the end of year show for the MA in Communication Design at Central St Martin’s. It’s a course that apparently “draws on a very wide range of extra-disciplinary resources including aesthetics, anthropology, behaviourism, cognition, linguistics, teleology and typology in search of mechanisms with which to probe, enlighten and deliver new applications.” Sounds terrifying. The show was really good though and luckily I didn’t spot any probing or enlightening mechanisms as I think I would have run away screaming.

My favourite thing at the whole show was Beth Salter’s work, specifically her ‘Cathartic Typography’. She’s hand-lettered different uncomfortable statements in amazing colours. I love how bright and in-your-face the lettering is, it perfectly suits the sentiments expressed.

How do you think that makes me feel? by Beth Salter

Art School is full of wankers - Beth Salter

Wouldn’t these make great prints? I think it would definitely have a cathartic effect to get one of these on your walls and contemplate it every morning. You can see more about Beth and her work on her website.


What do you think?

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