Favourite Etsy sellers

I found my new favourite Etsy seller –  Veramode.  She has the most amazing collection of vintage eyewear, and best of all she’s based in London (which makes her shipping charges nice and affordable). I also like her list of ‘favourite materials’ ‘formica, crimplene, wicker, lucite, bakelite, jelly’. That’s a poem right there. Roll that around your tongue. Get that read out at your wedding reception.

I want all of these. Unfortunately I’m not sure how Specsavers in Dalston would react to me bringing these in to be fitted for lenses. I can’t imagine it would go down well.

She does also sell some beautiful vintage sunglasses. I would buy these ones in a heartbeat if I wasn’t try to save up for a holiday in September (although! you do need new sunglasses for holidays, as everyone knows…. and I left my last pair in someone’s house in Oxford and have low hopes of seeing them again)



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