“Jake and I don’t believe in genius, or in talent,” said Dinos. “We believe in application and concentration. Every middle-class Victorian young lady could draw, play piano, write poems, these are all very learnable skills. Now there’s people like Tracey, who draws, I think, very badly, and everybody claps their flippers together and says how wonderful. If you believe in genius, you don’t have to try very hard. If you say David Beckham’s a genius, it means, I couldn’t possibly kick a football like that, until you realise he was out there in the cold rain and dark snow, honing his skill.”
His brother agreed. “I think genius and talent are incredibly unfruitful concepts. They’ll get you the first five yards but then you’re on your own. I might have a pre-disposition towards table tennis, but it won’t make me a good player. It’s all about hard work.” Do you realise, I said, how much you sound like a Victorian schoolma’am? “It is, I’m afraid,” conceded Jake, “a dangerously Protestant thing to say.”

Love this quote from the Chapman brothers, taken from this interview, via Heather Jenkinson on twitter


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