Even more vintage sewing patterns

Here are some more old patterns that I’ve picked up via ebay, etsy, and from overpriced vintage markets throughout London. I have a lot of these 60s style patterns that desperately call from the envelope ‘Easy!’ or ‘Jiffy!’ or ‘Only 3 pieces!!’ They don’t have as many interesting design details as the 40s or 50s patterns, and generally take less fabric, have less pieces, and are easier to sew. Empire line waists feature heavily, as do a-line skirts. I like them though, they are neat and simple and cute.

This is a nice raglan sleeved 3-pattern piece dress, but I haven’t made it yet – I’m worried it could look a little bit sack-like. I love the polka-dot bandana on the blue and red lady. Very kicky. The bell sleeves are fun.


Simplicity 6730


This is another super-cute pattern which I don’t think I’ll ever make due to similar potato sack issues. It’s described as a ‘three-armhole dress’ which seems anatomically confusing.


Simplicity 8080


The back of the envelope makes it a bit clearer – it’s one huge pattern piece plus facings. ‘SIMPLE-TO-SEW’! it says hopefully.



Okay, so this is definitely a 70s pattern, as shown by the post-decimalisation price of 35p, but isn’t it fabulous? I like the insouciant hands-on-hips pose of the lady in lilac. It’s hard to look that cheerful while wearing a vaguely ethnic embroidered wizard bathrobe.


This poor pattern has been battered around but it’s quite Mary Quant, no? There is much to admire about it, including the description of the redhead’s outfit as a ‘pant-dress’, the lady on the left who plays for the world’s most stylish women’s football team, and the yellow tunic + flares + waist scarf ensemble. This is allegedly a pattern for knits but I am tempted to try and make it up in stretch cotton.

Here’s another beauty, which looks more early 60s to me, although I could be wrong? I bought it from a vintage haberdashery stall at Spitalfields market which is always there on Thursdays. They have loads of trimmings, buttons, and old magazines, and I once bought a length of 1940s printed crepe for a tenner. Unfortunately I don’t work near the market any more so I haven’t been along to check out the stock for ages.


And finally I think this is my favourite cover illustration because of the amazing hair-dos, shoe (singular) and jewellery, and the lovely yellow brocade on the left. Where can I get some fabric like that? You can see I haven’t looked after poor Style 1930 very well despite my love, and have tried to tape up the poor lady on the left (not only is she decapitated, she also has no legs below the knee)


Style 1930

Now to do a bit more etsy searching…


2 thoughts on “Even more vintage sewing patterns

  1. Lena April 11, 2013 / 12:51 PM

    Love your comments to the patterns… especially the Style 3763… which I just bought with fantastic ideas in my mind, until your comment “vaguely ethnic embroidered wizard bathrobe” HAHA Love it! and my dreams of a fantastic vintage “coat dress” is shattered. lol

    • yesilikethat April 11, 2013 / 1:16 PM

      It’s definitely a STYLISH embroidered wizard bathrobe though, I can see Dumbledore wearing one on a Turkish holiday..

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