I love reading people’s personal style statements. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sum up your style in a sentence and base everything you buy around that?

‘Yah well my style could probably be summed up as Carmen Miranda meets Victorian lady funeral director, with a preppy twist”

Hmm, maybe that could work

Also I find the phrases people come up with to describe themselves hilarious and inspiring. It’s interesting to speculate on what a ‘hobo-goes-for-jazz-age-safari’ styled person might wear to a job interview, for instance. (I did not make this up. It’s an actual style description from Hel-Looks.)

Unfortunately most personal style statements are both extremely dull and self-contradictory, along the lines of  ‘Classic clothes with a modern edge, dressed up with colourful accessories’. Boring!

Here are some fantastic personal style descriptions I have found throughout the internet, mostly on Hel-looks. I didn’t save any of the actual photos that went with them because they will mostly look better in your imagination.

My style is a fight between gothic and homeless looks

romanticized archaeologist or anthropologist, travel-ready with just a touch of militant and/or sexy

a witch hunt-gothic-exorcism dress with an 80’s aerobic body, because we are living in apocalyptic times

Gaucho Anthropologist

Surf-Elegance at its best

My style is inspired by maximalism, Carmen Miranda’s hats, desserts and writing.

Classic, minimalist, chic, hippy, dandy, street, modern all at once. All this not to say hipster.

Outcasts, misery and the borderline between craziness and creativity inspire me

Mother’s old jeans + a culture lover’s cape = the doctor of macabre

Enter the Void, chaos and noise inspire me [you should definitely take a look at this guy’s unique interpretation of ‘chaos and noise‘]

Jewelry, hurry, fake fur, rings and wearing Converse shoes to a fashion party inspire me

Protestant prairie circa 1908

I would love to make a automatic personal style generator website, similar to this genius artist’s statement one. I want it to be like a fruit machine where you pull a lever and three random elements combine to create a whole new style. Teutonic 80s Ballerina. Ironic Edwardian Hobo. Waifish Surf-Rock Gypsy. Disco Sailor on Safari. 60s Spanish Geographer.

What do you think?

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