Brighten the corners

I love taking photos of corners of buildings going up into the sky, or nice triangular roof shapes. I think I’m just fascinated by perspective, probably due to being entirely unable to draw it convincingly. Here are some photos I’ve taken of different roof angles (wow, could that be the dullest sentence ever? Imagine sitting next to someone on a plane and that’s their opening gambit. You’d have to feign sleep)

This is a building near London Fields.

This is the roof of the Strand Building in Clapton.

Somewhere in Italy.

Spitalfields/Liverpool Street.

Stoke Newington houses.

Various unidentifiable roofs I have known and loved.

I’ve made a flickr group of all of my building corner photos so you can enthrall yourself further. There’s an enlightening wikipedia article about perspective drawing here. I like this quote:

“European Medieval artists were aware of the general principle of varying the relative size of elements according to distance, but even more than classical art was perfectly ready to override it for other reasons. “

I side with the European Medieval artists on this.


What do you think?

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