The Peter Pan collar – nice or too twee for words?

Despite extensive research (5 minutes googling) I can’t see what the connection is between Peter Pan and a girly collar, although this article seems to suggest it might be connected to the original stage play costumes.

It’s very Alexa Chung indie-chic, and is rapidly being seen on lots of different high-street dresses, quite often in a contrasting white colour. I’m thinking about adding one to a dress I’m making from a vintage 60s pattern, as it’s looking a bit dull at the moment.

(here’s one of Alexa’s own versions for Madewell)

The Peter Pan collar has even had it’s own article in the Evening Standard (which surely means it must be well on the way out?). There are some truly hideous styles out there – like this dress from Asos. The model is trying her hardest to make this beige polyester saggy affair look sultry, while the black and white version is perfect if you really want to dress up as an Edwardian scullery maid.

They can look great on vintage blouses though, and I prefer them with a pointed edge to a rounded one. Peggy wears them a lot in Mad Men but I don’t think you’d ever see Joan in one (there’s an awesome Peggy collage on this blog featuring lots of nice collars)

I think the main problem with the Peter Pan collar is that  it can all go a bit Grayson Perry on you without warning:

And really only Grayson can pull that off.